Leo forecast for Friday June 05, 2020

Pinocchio was a character in Italian folklore long before be became the star of the Disney cartoon. His nose was growing before he hit the big screen. Imagine him first announcing that his nose was about to grow. Since that kind of fast growth is impossible, he would have been telling a lie; which would have made his nose grow (which meant that he was telling the truth) which meant that it would not grow. Aargh! Confused? Me too! This weekend, don't lose valuable time pondering an impossible question.

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June 04, 2020

Since everyone has a critical side, there's always someone who'll disagree with you. You might cause them offence or fail to meet their demands. But, does it really matter if someone disapproves of your decision, or thinks you should have taken a different path? In the approach to the Lunar Eclipse, it's time to look within and ask yourself if your choice feels right and just? If the answer is a resounding 'yes' then that's all you need to know. Do what's right for you - and allow someone else the same freedom.

June 03, 2020

If you look at a stunningly green lawn using a red filter, it looks dull and unattractive. We need a spectrum of colour to be able to appreciate depth and beauty. Similarly, without being open to the range of our potential, we focus on the negative aspects of ourselves and undervalue our assets because we're too aware of the hidden drawbacks. As Venus and Mars link today, focus less on the impossibilities you face and more on the more hopeful aspects of life. Brighter options are on offer.

June 02, 2020

The awe-inspiring beauty of nature is often enough to take our breath away. The splendour of waterfalls. The open expanse of the African plains. The bubbling magma of an active volcano. It's almost too much for us to comprehend. But can't people too, be as extraordinary? Just as awe-inspiring? Just as surprising? Beauty is easy to admire; but it takes work to be generous, open-hearted, kind and indefatigably thoughtful. Show someone how much you appreciate them, today.

Celebrity Leo

Jennifer Lawrence 15 August 1990

June 01, 2020

No matter when you last did your laundry, if you've been wearing an article of clothing since then, it's going to need to be washed again soon. It takes quite a lot of effort to maintain our appearance... and it's not just practical issues that need constant care and attention; it's our relationships too. As Venus, the planet of love prepares to link with passionate, powerful Mars, if you make a concerted effort to re-energise a connection with a key person, the link between you will be as good as new.

May 31, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: So much of what we do is concerned with our physical needs: food, shelter, warmth and safety. Decisions on these issues are usually clear-cut. It's when we need to deal with more emotional issues that we have to delve into matters on a more metaphysical level. This list is long and detailed. It includes consideration of hurt feelings, excitement, tenderness and affection. As we approach the Lunar Eclipse, a delicate matter will require all your tact. Sensitivity is key to your success.

May 30, 2020

Your June Monthly Horoscope: You're in the process of doubting something you've been feeling confident about. You're reassessing your level of enthusiasm and commitment to a project that was once a priority in your world. Although this feels unsettling, rather than losing interest, you're simply adjusting your level of interest to include a new, more exciting option. As your horizons expand in June, you'll find a depth of courage that enables you to see beyond a limited vision of what's possible. Much can change for the better.

May 29, 2020

It's an interesting fact that we often allow inconsequential issues to take up large amounts of our time and energy whilst overlooking the things that need our attention. It's not always easy to prioritise. The voice of our own inner critic means that we'll never know, with any certainty, whether we're focusing on the 'right' thing or not. Yet we do have a facility that enables us to recognise when we're wasting our time. This weekend, you'll know what you need to focus on. Everything else can wait.